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Oct 16, 2013
Hello, I just got the BCT15X and I am trying to program my local area's trunked System, but I am getting no results. Here is what I have done

(Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T (Motorola) Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies) Then under Crawfordsville

I have a System named System 1 under the type MOT.

My Sys Options are the Default

Then I have a site called Montgomery with a band plan of 800/900 Standard.
Then I have 851.48750 | 851.88750 | 852.41250 | 852.93750 | 853.46250 | 853.76250 | 853.98750 frequencies programed which I got from the RadioReference Website. Then everything else is the default.

Then I have a group Called Group 1
Then I have Channel with 6 Talk groups in them.

Extra Info
Then icon at the top (Looks like a signal indicator) is flashing.
Also Above the SO:-------------- Line the freq 853.9875 and

Here is a picture of my screen when it is scanning

If there is anymore information you need, ket me know

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much


Jan 15, 2006
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There appears to be a lot of digital talkgroups on that system, which the BCT15X will not receive. I'm guessing Crawfordsville is probably in Crawford county. I see that both Crawford county and Montgomery county appear to be just about all digital. That being the case, that particular scanner won't receive them. There is some analog TG's on that system, but I'm not familiar enough with your area to know if any of them might be available on the site you're scanning.

You might have better luck posing your question in the Indiana forum here on RR.


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Jan 4, 2009
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That system has rebanded. Program the site as Mot/Custom Reband.

The majority of that system is digital. The BCT15X will not decode digital transmissions.

Scroll down the system page and look at the mode column. Anything with an "A" is analog and you should be able to hear it, like DOT, corrections.

Anything with a "D" is digital and you will need a digital scanner to hear that, like fire and law enforcement.

An "E" in the mode column denotes encryption, which no scanner can receive.

Also make sure your system, site, and groups are not locked out.


Mar 31, 2014
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If I'm correct, then Crawfordsville is in Montgomery county. The third columns you see ( of D's) means digital. Which means you would need a digital scanner which unfortunately this BCT15X is not. If you upgrade to a digital scanner you would be able to receive these. Otherwise it looks like the only one you can get with your current scanner is the Red Cross (A). I'm new to this so someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

"Copied from the RR database"
Montgomery County Talkgroups

45296 b0f D 54 MONT EMA County EMA Operations Emergency Ops
8192 200 A 54 RED CROSS County Red Cross Emergency Ops
13104 333 D 54 MCF FIRE County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
43696 aab D 54 MCF FGD 1 County Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
43712 aac D 54 MCF FGD 2 County Fireground 2 Fire-Tac
43728 aad D 54 MCF FGD 3 County Fireground 3 Fire-Tac
43744 aae D 54 MCF FGD 4 County Fireground 4 Fire-Tac
44400 ad7 D 54 MCS DISP County Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
44416 ad8 D 54 MCS C2C County Sheriff Car-to-Car Law Talk
44448 ada D 54 MCS OPS County Sheriff Operations Law Tac
44432 ad9 D 54 MCS DTL County Sheriff Special Detail Law Tac
12992 32c D 54 CO WIDE County Wide Interoperability Interop
13072 331 D 54 CFD CITY Crawfordsville Fire Dispatch Fire-Tac
13088 332 D 54 CFD TAC Crawfordsville Fire Tactical Fire-Tac
13024 32e D 54 CPD DSP Crawfordsville Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
13008 32d D 54 CPD C2C Crawfordsville Police Car-to-Car Law Talk
13040 32f D 54 CPD INV Crawfordsville Police Detectives Law Tac
13056 330 D 54 CPD SRT Crawfordsville Police Special Response Team Law Tac


Apr 3, 2008
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id scan

with id scan on it will only let you hear those groups try setting it to id search by hitting the scan button. at that point it should say "id search" and let you hear anybody except those that you lockout.
the flashing signal bar could be that you have the hold time set to 2 (default) you could set it for a higher number (like 255) that is how long the radio stays on the system before doing the next thing (system, custom search or whatever)
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