Programming Holloman AFB

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Dec 19, 2002
The HAFB UHF Trunk system lists freqs for Holloman, but what is listed as the system base frequency is not one of those frequencies. What frequencies do you enter to monitor? I am using Uniden 396T. The only other UHF Trunk system I have ever used (successfully) has the base freq=the first frequency listed.



Apr 17, 2004
I had the same problem when I was in El Paso and tried to monitor this system:

which I'm assuming is the one to which you're referring.

You'll notice under the Misc System Information, there's this comment:

There is a contol channel on 408.7625 in the El Paso area (using base 406.1125 MHz, offset 380, step 12.5 kHz).

I discovered that only by accident but that combination did allow me to trunktrack the system perfectly. You may find that base frequency, 406.1125, works for you elsewhere outside of El Paso, it may not.

If it doesn't work, here's some suggestions. I understand there's some program [ unitrunker maybe?? ] that will provide you the information. However, I can't tell you based on first-hand experience as I've never used it.

If you're doing it by hand, here's what I tried that worked (using a Pro-96):

1. Drop spousal unit off at the nearest outlet mall. This will give you enough time to really focus on the task at hand.
2. Set up a system/bank that includes the control channel that's active in your area.
3. Try entering every possible base frequency starting with 406.0 and incrementing upward by .0125. I actually had to write them down as I went up.
4. Once you get the right one in the radio, it should trunktrack the system just fine and not only show you the talkgroup numbers but the frequency as well and you'll hear audio.
5. Collect spousal unit from outlet mall and pay the bills. [ ugh, but worth it! ]

I didn't try using my 396 to do this task when I was in El Paso so you'll need to adjust this procedure for the 396. Software may help with your experiments; I don't use software on my 396 so I can't make any recommendations. Expect this to be a time-consuming project.

Let's hope others who read this forum will have other suggestions that will make this task much easier.

Happy hunting and let us know what you find.
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