Programming Radio Shack Pro 106

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Feb 28, 2016
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ECS: I need help setting up my PRO 106. I live in Clear-water Florida. I want all of the police channel and anything else. I had it program when I had a old computer now my cord does not work because I have a new program. Any help. The U-Tube video is to fast for me.



May 3, 2010
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I need help setting up my PRO 106.
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Apr 15, 2017
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I live in Largo, FL and have a Whistler WS1040. Its the same scanner for our conversation.

1. To start, Clearwater uses a "P25 Phase 2" Trunked System and your scanner can't decode the data of that system. you can't listen to it.

2. But, Pinellas County uses a "P25 Phase 1" Trunked System you can listen to. That covers Pinellas County Fire, EMS, Sheriff, and St Pete Police. So you can listen to most of the county but not Clearwater.

3. Learning to manually program a Trunking Scanner is a weeks long ordeal, but necessary to get the most out of your scanner.

4. Its easy to 'share' programming data with the same type of scanner but the scanners need to be plugged into each other, in person. Otherwise you need a programming cable and a programming program. I use "WIN500".

5. Take my advice, get the programming cable, programming program, and a Premium Membership with RadioReference. It will save you from days and days (and days) of typing.

6. The best place to start with manually programming a P25 Trunked System is to just program a Trunked System (TSYS) with one Control Channel (CC). You will hear everything and not know who the Talkgroup (TGRP) belongs to, but its still fun to listen to. You can look up the TGRP ID here on RadioReference. you can press F1 to Lock Out (L/OUT) scrambled TGRP's.

HINT: The best CC for you for Pinellas County Public Services is 851.200Mhz.

A better manual for your scanner, but still technical...
Easier to Read Pro-651/652/106/197 - WS1040/1065 - PSR 500/600 Digital Scanner Manual

RadioReference's page for Pinellas County (note: the county 'Motorola Type II SmartZone' Trunked System is not used any more, use the 'P25' trunked system.

I will try to answer any other questions you have, KD6IHY
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