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Programming Software

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Feb 19, 2016
Being a newbie to Unication pagers is there any one software over the other that make programming not as difficult or can someone maybe recommend the names of some YouTube video tutorials who slowly explain the programming process
Many thanks


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Jul 25, 2003
Unication's PPS software is your only choice. Here are two good videos regarding programming using PPS:
Unication PPS Video
ComputerPro PPS Video

While the PPS programming software may seem intimidating at first, spend some time with it after watching the videos and it will become more understandable.

Have fun. The Unications are great radios and about to get better with the future firmware that will add scanning capability.


Jun 9, 2020
The Boro ,TN
I agree with r3353 . I described it as a Linda Blair style hairpin learning curve.
After years of many Butel progs, ProScan and the various GRE/RS programs, I was not understanding.
Watch and learn, no easy way. Nothing like breaking a working setup to get you motivated!
LOOK at the ZONE settings. If you mess around there, you may have to clean up some assignments.
For instance, I deleted an analog channel to put a priority scan with the whole analog group. BUT, I deleted the frequency and had to re add that single freq back elsewhere to get it in the priority scan list.

I think they did a very good job with the tab lettering/numbering system. Much better than many programing sw sets I used in house at 3M , Kodak, or Carestream Health. The flow and the help is really all you need, just don't thrash in the quicksand till you see how it works .


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Jul 2, 2004
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I’ve had my G1 for a few years. The programming can be “interesting”. Not nearly as easy as when I decide to tweak my Uniden’s, Gre’s, or MINITOR V. Probably because I only tweak all of them a couple times a year at most. But out of all of them the G1 is the one that makes me curse and spend a few extra minutes trying to remember where to go to to do what I want to do. Once I remember it’s pretty straightforward. It’s just getting there that’s the adventure.

Right now my county is still running an old VHF conventional system but is in the middle of converting to P25. I’m dreading but also looking forward to picking up a new pager when we switch and figuring all of that out next.
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