Programming your scanner for Bell FleetNet using FreeSCAN

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Feb 22, 2008
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Requirements - RR Premium subscription, FreeSCAN compatible scanner (396XT etc).. scanner already connected to your PC.

Open FreeSCAN

FILE - IMPORT - RR Trunked (a new window will appear).

Login using your username./password (with RR premium subscription) - CONNECT
If you dont have a RR premium look into it here

CANADA - ONTARIO - TORONTO (or your city) -

Under available systems.. click BELL FLEETNET ZONE (1,2,3 or 4 for your area)

I suggest click NONE on the bottom left side under Sites & Groups
Then click off the sites that are in your area (Mowat Whitby King - in my case)

Dont know your local towers/towers you need for your trip? view them here
map of Fleetnet sites... Index of /~phoenix/wap/Fleetnet

If you want ALL towers for that zone click ALL on the bottom left .. I do NOT suggest this, esp with a 396T as your scanner will make a separate system for each tower! You'll run out of memory FAST !!

On the bottom right side of the import screen click NONE (to uncheck all groups).. then ONLY click the groups you want on the right side (OPP Central, MTO, MOH etc).

Now on the bottom left of the import screen called "System Name" instead of BellFleetnet put what you want to call the System (FleetnetHome or OPP Central)

..... in the 2nd tab (under the USA flag) click Options (beside Sites & Groups) ... on the right slide click "assign each site the following QK" ex #2 using the drop down menu.. (use a number from 0-9 to be less confusing for now)

I also suggest
-Unclick the "if a display field is available.." as OPP will show up as OPP 1OPS30 if clicked. Unclicked Barrie 1B - 1OPS30

-Click off "Only Download Control Channels"

Click IMPORT (it will download for a minute)

The window will still be open, and now you can import another system or setup.. or close the Import window and go back to the main FreeSCAN window.

Click on the + (MOT2) of the system you imported and in the middle of the right side you can change the system to ID SCAN (to only scan the groups you imported)... or leave it as ID SEARCH to listen to all talkgroups (names of talkgroups you didnt import wont show...

Click the + so the whole system shows... Under the GRP you can rename the group, or change the quick key for that group (1-OPP 2-Fire 3-EMS) etc.

FILE - SAVE AS (name your new system to back it up) SAVE

Connect your scanner to the computer if not connected yet.
SCANNER - UPLOAD PROGRAMMING - click COM (in the middle) and change the COM/SPEED that matches your scanner (under Windows START-DEVICES) and 396XT - Menu - SETTINGS - SET SERIAL PORT. You can click TEST to see if its connected. Click CLOSE

Ensure your new system is clicked.. and "add only do not overwrite" .. unless you re-configured a current system then click "Replace any existing system with the same name"

START UPLOAD.. it should send to your scanner.

This whole tutorial can be used for almost any system on RR.. just select that system you want instead of Bell Fleetnet and select the sites/groups you want to import.

Hope that helps


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Sep 16, 2012
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Decided to try this in a new set up.

Worked fantastic.

I think the turning point is really understanding systems, sites and groups. Once you have this understanding, the programming becomes pretty easy.



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I've added this thread to the Sticked thread at the top of the forum which lists the various Fleetnet programming threads.

Job well done TorontoKris!
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