Project 25 Phase I

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Jul 6, 2014
Looking for a scanner that is able to pick up a Project 25 Phase I system, any suggestions?



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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Almost everything modern will do that so long as it is stated that it will handle digital transmissions. Some examples are:

Uniden BCD436HP Handheld
Uniden BCD536HP Mobile
Uniden BCD396XT Handheld
Uniden BCD996XT Mobile
Uniden HomePatrol-1 Mobile
Whistler WS1040 / Radio Shack PRO651 / GRE PSR500 / RS PRO106 Handheld
Whistler WS1065 / Radio Shack PRO652 / GRE PSR600 / RS PRO197 Mobile

The last two have multiple names because the same radio has been released in several different versions by different companies. The guts inside is the same radio for each. The GRE and RS model numbers are for radios that are no longer being manufactured - GRE went out of business, and when Whistler picked up the ball and started making those radios again, they used a different part number for RS (hence the PRO651 being the same radio as the PRO106). I only listed the GRE and older RS numbers in case you want to buy a used radio off a third-party seller.

The GRE PSR-800 is also out there but it is fantastically rare to find these days, because, as I said, GRE went out of business, and at the time, it had features that no other radio did, so every last specimen has been bought up by enthusiasts.

If you are looking for something inexpensive, something like the PSR500 (WS1040) or its mobile brother will do. If you want to future-proof yourself (as far as you can as a changing technology like radio communications goes), I'd choose the 436HP or 536HP. There is a lot of controversy over the performance of the x36HP line of radios, but the fact of the matter is, despite what's said about them, their reception of digital signals is unsurpassed in a modern scanner receiver.

Hope this helps!
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