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Propagated Scanner BS

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Nov 14, 2004
Tucson, Arizona

I read a similar post and it brought to mind a topic I'd like to hear thoughts on...

Future Ham Radio Emergency Communications and the lack of it being used in the public service/emergency/disaster sector.

With emergencies, ham radio and its operators are always able to assist. But how come ham organizations and ham assistance is becoming less needed or requested? Or the role being diminished?

Many posts address the needs/wants and capabilities of hams during disasters and emergencies, many make good points, but none seem to address this point.

Privacy concerns, medical data, patient information, etc...!

With new medical rules that concern the privacy of a patients personal medical data and information as well as other laws and rules concerning the protection of "sensitive information" dealing with individuals, (even sometimes concerning age, build, weight SSN and personal address), can ham radio channels provide or pass emergency traffic effectively through non-encrypted means???

OK. Now many may be confused. Ham radio can be sent using encryption if the encryption is readily available to all. However, isn't this a breach of the privacy rules since others can de-crypt/share this information.

Then again, to confuse things more, emergency groups that have county encrypted frequencies/systems can be un-encrypted with the latest scanners on the market! So the whole of the public can listen to them at the scene.
You can continue to read the rest on your own. Much of what he says is true but when you add that one little turd it becomes Poop Soup.


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May 7, 2004
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Just goes to show his validity of the BS. :lol:

"Latest scanners can know decrypt" "Un-encrypted" :roll: I hope he means D to A and not cypher blocks. :roll:

Homeland security should look closely at amateur radio though.

The public should be able to hear Public Safety. Not SWAT stuff and other coms of needed security of course, I've talked about this before. Sometimes SWAT isn't even protected.

How did the snipers in Virgina get caught? Radio is an excellent means by which the public can be informed of miss happenings, even though some would like it all to be dead silent.

DEAD pun intended.
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Mar 22, 2005
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Hi all,

"Poop Soup" ain't the word for it, since WHEN have hams handled anything but emergency and health and welfare traffic? What's this crap about privacy? We're well aware of the prohibition of "codes and ciphers" in FCC Rules and Regulations Part 97 which BTW is required reading. This guy is off his trolley.

"How did the snipers in Virgina get caught?"

Now what did I just say about cobras and snipers? The FCC RDFed them, THAT'S how. Then they sent SWAT to deal with the snipers and Steve Irwin to round up the cobras!


Nov 2, 2005
Western Massachusetts
Anyone here listen to their local ambulance relay vital patient info to the hospital emergency room?? Did ya hear them say the patients' name over the radio??
A Coast Guard Helo rescues 6 people from a sinking boat & are radioing in the conditions of the rescued parties, did they actual say 'Mr.Smith condition is....'??
So, Like VXA said about health & welfare traffic from hams, when did you hear anything from hams regarding breaking patient confidentiality?? Or better yet, anything that remotely threatens "national (or homeland) security'?


Dec 17, 2005
Grand Lake St. Marys Ohio
They county I live in has some great people that are hams and do an excellant job with disasters and Other support in the county...........Good Scannin...hoser147
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