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Dec 13, 2014
I'm asking that the powers-that-be look into some alterations to the Radio Reference home page. First, I would like to suggest that the forum in which the thread originated be included in the table and, second, the number of response showing in the table on the home page should be increased.

The subject of a person's entry is often cryptic: things like “Columbus Police Changing Frequency?” or “Display not working.” I live in Columbus, GA, and, for obvious reasons, I will open that first entry. Well, if it turns out to be Columbus, OH, I immediately move on. I'm sure the people in Columbus, OH, are wonderful but I don't care at all about their radio system. If there was an additional column in the “Active Forum Threads” that indicated the forum in which the entry was made, only those who were interested would open it. The same idea would apply to Uniden v. Whistler, for instance. “Display not working” on a Uniden scanner might interest me. “Display not working” on a Whistler is of no interest to me. A classic example showed up today. The subject was “Where is the best place to buy one?” One what??? A Whistler, a Yaesu, a Cadillac, a Budweiser, what?? Turns out it was in the “Uniden Prospective Owners” forum but I had no way of knowing that unless I opened the thread.

Second, things are often fast moving in the forum and one has to check the forum very frequently or there's a good chance something will be missed. I count 13 items in the “Active Forum Threads.” There is only a 25 minutes span between the first and last entry in the forum. Based solely on that, one would have to visit the forum at least every 30 minutes or so to stay current. Extending the number of entries to 25 +/- might help keep subscribers more up to date.

Now, having said that, Radio Reference is one of the best run forums I've encountered. The amount of information available on the Forum is unbelieveable. The peope who maintain the forum and those who subscribe are among the most knowledgeable around.
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