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Proscan bugs

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Silent Key
Nov 21, 2005
I've been comparing System Scans - plain Wide Area (by manually defined neighbours) versus Proscan (dynamic) versus Proscan dynamic plus manually defined neighbours.
I've observed a few quirks, and wondering if there are any 'fixes' or am I going about achieving a result the wrong way?

First, it appears possible to turn off proscan with SYSC (system scan on/off) so long as there is no Wide Area neighbours manually defined. But SYSC doesn't appear to turn off plain old Wide Area scan, or turn off proscan with manually defined neighbours. I actually suspect that if you manually define neighbours under System Setup "systems being scanned" this automatically enables Wide Area scanning, and if you have proscan turned on, a form of Wide Area scanning is still working in the background behind proscan.
How did I arrive at that conclusion? Well sometimes I found that proscan (dynamic) with no neighbours manually defined would get 'stuck' in CC Scan and not select a new system, even though one or more of the known neighbours would have provided good service. If I then kept the settings exactly the same, just adding in manually defined neighbours to each system, the process would be 100% reliable in finding a new system to camp on - perhaps not always the best serving system, but at least it wouldn't sit in limbo at CC Scan. Its almost as if the proscan process sometimes fails to find an acceptable neighbour, and then the radio defaults to WA scanning the manual neighbour list (with no proscan intelligence).

So, first bug: SYSC appears to turn off proscan fine, but not Wide Area scan. Thats rather annoying.
And second bug: proscan can sometimes get stuck in limbo with CC Scan, and not find a system to camp on, despite good neighbours being present.

Are these just the nature of the beast, known bugs, or is there something that I'm missing here?


When you turn your radio on it is trying to log on to the site that last was selected on the radio when it was turned off. If the site that is left selected on power up is not reachable the radio will go to it's "ADJACENCY TABLES"that are related to that site and try to log on to one of those sites. If it cannot log on the radio will go to a "Never Never land." of WA SCAN or CC SCAN. The only way i know to ge the radio to wake up is to power it down and manually select a site that you expect the radio to be capable of logging into. My system is set for Dynamic and that works pretty good. We still have some radios in our fleet that have WA SCAN and i don't seem to like it. We have over 20 sites in our IMC. I cannot say that i have found any Quirks or "UNADVERTISED FEATURES "with PROSCAN. There are alot of parameters to set up though. I hope this helps.
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