ProScan (Freescan?) and Systems

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Jan 20, 2014
I am confused about systems on my 396TX.

I tried freescan and at the moment trying ProScan as well. I imported frequencies on 3 occasions and - within proscan - now have 3 collapsible items listed in the Systems window. a Mot Type-II and two separate P25s. Each one can be expanded which then reveals FRQs and TGIDs. The FRQs can then be assigned a system quick key and the TGIDs a group quick key.

When I select any of the 3 main systems, I see an option called "Number Tag". What is this? I was hoping that would be a quick-key for the entire system, but that doesn't appear to be the case I don't think.

I am sorry for these dumb questions but I am really trying to get my mind around how this all works. :(


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Jul 22, 2002
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Let's start with a minor correction - all trunking happens at the site level on XT scanners, not 'frequencies'. In this case, you would be assigning a SITE quick key. In a trunking environment, the system is simply a collection of sites that you will be using. System Quick Keys only apply to conventional (non trunked) systems.

As for number tags - for a change, the Uniden TWiki has a decent explanation here...

NumberTags < UnidenMan4 < TWiki

I don't have ProScan, but I do have FreeScan. System number tags are found in the trunked setup form. Look almost center straight down under the 'Emerg Alert Light Colour' box. In the conventional form, look under 'Enable Digital AGC' in the XT options area.

Also note that in the FreeScan user guide (which you can get to via HELP / ONLINE HELP from the FreeScan Toolbar), we have several links to the Uniden TWiki (and our own) for several items in the edit system, site and group topics. Number tags are just one of them

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