PSR-500 Great Scanner!!

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Dec 16, 2009
outside wichita, Kansas
The nice UPS man dropped off my new PSR-500 about 12:45 this afternoon. I had a nice warm set of NiMH batts. waiting, Don Starr's Win500 was all ready to download my first attempt at O.O. Scanning and the computer was waiting.
Since I've had a scanner cord on this puter before, we had no problem there. I turned it on, plugged the cord into it, told it to load, and about 6 seconds later it rebooted and was hitting faster than my Pro 164 on a discone.
I tried the V-scanner, no problems. After about an hour, I remembered it was computer controllable too, so I plugged in the cord, selected the tab, hit Start, and it works GREAT!!! Whoo Hooo!! (I'll be sending Don S. a check tomorrow)

In the last 2 hours I've adjusted, tweaked, and generally re-written what I had started, and like I said earlier, it takes about 6 seconds to reload.
Once I was convinced I had a good one, I promptly opened the case and checked for the notorious "Loose Screw". The only one I found was holding the scanner.
I really like this scanner, and would recommend it to anyone with the cash to buy one. - Gadgetman
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