psr-600 vs bcd-996t in vehicle preference

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Jun 3, 2007
I know there are threads out there with all the pros and cons of the psr 600 and the bcd 996t, but I wanted some people's opinions specifically for in-vehicle use. I have a psr-500 and a bcd-996t, and I like them both, but probably like the psr better because of its decode quality. I'm thinking of trading my 996t for a psr 600 for use in my truck for several reasons: due to lack of time lately, when updating systems etc, I would only have to do it once and then send it to both my 500 and 600, not have to remember a completely different programming and do it for the 996t. Also, while I love the sub-groups of the 996t, it is very difficult to use it while mobile, or for that matter, even see what is active on the screen. I also have a big problem with glare on the 996t, and I didn't know if for any reason it was better on the psr-600.

What are your all opinions for those of you that own both?

Thanks and I appreciate it.
Not open for further replies.