PSR 700 stored channels

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Mar 21, 2012
OK, I admit - I've never touched a scanner before today. But I have searched the PDF manual, google, etc trying to figure this out, so go easy on me ;) In short - I can't figure out where 'store channel' stores to?

On the PSR 700, when I do a Spectrum Sweeper search, and a channel is found that I'm interested in - I hit the play/pause/select button to stop scanning so I can listen in on that channel. NOW, if I decide I don't want to lose this channel/might want to add this to a permanent Scanlist I hit Menu > Store Channel, at which point it continues with the Spectrum Sweeper search.

SO, where does it store the channel to? If I want to go back and wait on that stored channel for activity - how do I do that? Can I save that stored channel to a Scanlist? So far this is the only thing I've encountered on this scanner that I haven't been able to figure out with just a few minutes of tinkering, and documentation doesn't seem to have any info either (it mentions using the 'store channel' feature - but never mentions what happens after that.) Sorry if I've somehow overlooked something, but guidance is much appreciated!

Not open for further replies.