PSR400 and PSR600 feed audio quality

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Jun 24, 2007
Clay County, AL
I have been a feed provider since about 2007 with one lapse in there changing up equipment. Never had an issue getting the feed in decent working order. But I have a slight issue that is killing me. Equipment list below. And this was an issue on another computer as well.

I know there may be a couple things I can do, but I think a lot of it is in the radio from the source. I am looking for suggestions. If you listen to the feed in my signature, you will hear what I am referring to. There is a constant background hiss or noise floor I can not overcome like I want. Sometimes soft spoken people can not be heard. The signal quality is great on ALL except one South Sheriff repeater far from me and I'm working on a beam or something to get that fixed. I just took down 155MHz radial and built a 155/450MHz j-pole and fixed that by about 50%.

I have adjusted the sound card, scanner volume, turned AGC and SuperTrack on and off, tried the computer software noise reduction (which breaks up sounding like digital), and used mic and spkr out(no line out), and just can't get that high quality clear sound like I want. I just changed to a 600 from a 400 to get alpha tags in there. And I have a Pro-2096 at home for monitoring. All three have same low level "hiss" at all times, even when not on a talking channel. Old Uniden BC895xlt beside it doesn't seem to but also doesn't have DCS decode which is a must at both locations I've had this.

My question is how to get rid of that without spending a ton or buying a new scanner. Is there a quiet feed I can get off the board inside? I have seen USB iMic or something like that. Will that fix it? I'm looking for experienced answers with this setup, not guesses, before I spend more on a non-profit setup. :)

Also, how do I set up notch filters in RadioFeed and does anyone have Audacity or something to tell me exactly where to set them. BTW, this issue also occured with old computer setup. I firmly believe it's a source problem that's being amplified on feed.

Thanks for reading all this junk. Just trying to give as much info in the beginning as possible to help you help me.

Dell Inspirion One all-in-1 with mic input
RadioFeed software (just changed from using ScannerFeed previous years)
155/450MHz custom dual band antenna
3.5mm cable from headphone out to mic in on computer
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