psr500 firmware upgrade

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Jan 26, 2011
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Ive tried to upgrade the firmware on my psr500. Ive downloaded the file Following directions ive connected the usb cable to my pc. Holding prg down and turning it on . ive selected the port number which is 10. i click test and it says theversion of the cpu application in the scanner is 1.7. I click the highlighted update button, it thinks for a minute then says no data from the scanner(2) please retry from step 4. I use this same cable with win500 and it works fine. when I turn on the scanner with the pgm button in the display says, up bootver:cf1.3
up app ver:cf1.7
cpu sw upgrade
wait for pc/if
can you tell me what Im doing wrong.
im using cpuupdater-psr-500-600-bootf10f11_u2.1


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Jul 22, 2007
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Worng Firmware ??

There is 2 different firmware update file available depending if you own a Canadian or American version. I made the same mistake last weekend because I own a PSR600 (American) and a PSR500C (C for Canadian) and went with both American firmware. When trying to update the 500 with the American firmware it did the same as describe in your post ... Then I used the "c" version and it went smooth.

The file you describe seems to be the American version especialy because it says v2.1 in your description and the Canadian version is only at v2.0 ... See the print screen attachment from the GRECOM site.. It seems V2.1 is not available or not necessary on the Canadian version The release notes for the V2.1 version says "New in version 2.1 • Fixed Marine, VHF, and UHF search frequencies"

Do you own a Canadian or American PSR500 ? To find out, go on the back label of the PSR-500, you will find the answer right next to the "GRECOM" name. On mine it's written PSR-500 C


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