PSR500 Just Arrived....

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Jul 1, 2008
Faulkner County, AR
I recieved my PSR500 yesterday and am just getting started learning how to use it. (as in stayed up till 2am) :)

I downloaded WIN500, and PSREdit500. I managed to import a few channels via the RR database, but was not able to upload to the scanner. I then read that I needed a newer version of the firmware, so I downloaded and installed that. I was then able to get WIN500 to complete the upload of the channels I had imported.

Before I go to far and ask a bunch more dumb questions, I would like to know if I have the radio properly updated.

My Versions display as follows:
uP APPl Ver:U1.4
DSP app Ver:U1.3
DSP Voc Ver:F1.0

I am assuming the first line is referreing to the CPU, but I don't know what "DSP" stands for. I did not see an update for the DSP Voc on GRE website, if I don't have the right version, can someone point me to where I should go to find them.

Also, Could some one point out the difference in features, etc, of WIN500 and the PSREdit500 programs. Do I need both. (please keep in mind I am a rank amatuer at this point) I am not opposed to buying them both if they are both needed.

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Nov 22, 2001
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Yep, you got it right! The 'U' before the numbers mean that the unit has 'user-upgraded' CPU & DSP firmware (compared to 'F' for factory). The one I just got yesterday was F1.3/F1.2, and now it shows the same as yours.

The software discussion will raise dozens of guys out here that answer equally for both. You don't need both, but they are both great (I've been with Don since Win92, so Win500 was a natural choice for me...).

DSP Voc probably means 'DSP Vocoder', and that's a permanent part of your unit!
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Nov 5, 2006
Phoenix Arizona
PSR edit is good if it doesn't crash your system. WIN500 is also great, and worked out better on my computer. Both work fine.

Do a search in the programming / software forum for anything you are wondering about.
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