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Oct 27, 2008
Lehi, UT
No words can adequately describe Brent's total contribution to our hobby, and our lives. He was the most active contributor to utahradio.org, adding hundreds of edits. He was making edits just days before his death. The pages he wrote are the most viewed by several orders of magnitude (over 400 visitors a day). It is amazing how many people Brent has helped, and continues to help posthumously.

I don't know much about Win500, yet this was something Brent spent a very significant amount of his time supporting. I hope someone out there will choose to honor Brent's incredible effort by maintaining his pages and images so that they continue to live on and help people. It is something I feel he would want us to do based on the numerous private conversations we had regarding the subject. He wouldn't want these articles to become stale and useless. Any volunteers?

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