Qs about the 396XT

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Sep 13, 2009
What's my screen name...?
My questions are concerning Reception, programming, and audio (with headphones).

Is it better than other portable scanners?

I don't have a computer (yet). but I have access to them, just not as an admin (the library, etc.).

How easy is it to program? Without a comp. I mean, like the Pro-94, harder, easier or the same.

I use headphones, even when railfanning at remote locations where I know no one will be bothered. How is the audio with headphones?

I'm in Pittsburgh where there are hills everywhere (with repeaters).


Jul 23, 2005
Sensetivity great in high RF areas, doesn't overload like the GRE/RS scanners do. No problem recieving though.
Programming is best learned by doing it manually so your better off starting that way. I doubt the library would let you do it with their computers. You can get some nice refurb computers at Tiger Direct for under $200 and some even have REAL serial ports! I bought two for use with radios, one serial port and 8 USB ports on them for $169 each.
Harder to program than the 94 but once you get it down you'll be OK.
Can't answer the headphone ? other than it works fine at Indy for the Brickyoard 400 and the 500, but then I'm on pitroad so the sounds a bit different but I have no roblem hearing anything.
The hills will be the same no matter what scanner you use.
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