Quantar and Data transmission

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May 8, 2002
Hi there
What is needed in order to allow a Quantar repeaterthat Is working Mixed mode P25/Analog to to do the following ?
1)Be able to link it via any data channel (voice over IP or whatever) to another repeater ?
2) to be able to link it to any kind of Digital network such as D-star ?
2) to allow it to pass through data transmission (i know that Digital P25 Trunked network can allow to Pass data (not Voice) to the radios).... so can this also be done on Conventiional Digital P25 Repeater ?

If all this can be done what do i need in the repeater and other interfaces ?
I assume DIU needeed to pass through Speech and Line card is needed to tranfer voice ?

What about any kind of conection to a network such as internet or D-star like network that will allow me to be able to pass data throug the repeater ?

Any help appreciated
Thanks Forward
Ronen - 4Z4ZQ
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