question about codes?

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Jan 24, 2008
Montesano, Wa
Ahh so your saying that since the poster has Bremerton marked as his user, assuming that he has kept it updated that hes talking about Bremerton and not Seattle, Jefferson Co. Mason county etc...?


Mar 12, 2004
I dont see the word Bremerton anywhere other than in your reply. Guess my psychic meter must be turned off.

If you are reading the Radio Reference site - NOT E-MAIL - you will see the author's location at the top right of each message. Yours is Las Vegas, right?


Jun 24, 2008
Meriden CT
codes for fire?

i am looking at the codes for kitsap county uses to clear their ems calls. almost like the police do.


Jul 27, 2008
im looking for codes my realistic pro 46 i would like seattl tacoma p.d -f.d and any other cool frequencies


Mar 23, 2003
Bainbridge Island, WA

im looking for codes my realistic pro 46 i would like seattl tacoma p.d -f.d and any other cool frequencies

All the cool stuff is here on the site. Go look at the database. If you still have questions come back and post.. You mean frequencies,not codes. Unless you mean p.l tones?
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Apr 19, 2007
does anybody have a list of the alpha codes the fd is using? if so I would like to get a copy.

10 Codes
10-1 Signal unreadable
10-2 Signal readable
10-4 O.K.
10-5 Relay message
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of service
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat
10-10 Off-duty or In-quarters
10-11 ID CHP mobile license # (KA4993)
10-13 Weather or road conditions
10-14 Provide escort
10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-17 Relay papers, supplies, etc.
10-19 Return to station
10-20 Location
10-21 Telephone
10-22 Cancel or Disregard
10-23 Stand by
10-27 Driver's license check
10-28 Vehicle registration check
10-29 Check for warrants/stolen
10-30 Unnecessary use of radio
10-33 Officer needs help
10-36 Confidential information
10-39 Message or item delivered
10-40 Back-up
10-71 Advise status of call
10-97 Arrived at scene
10-98 Finished with last assignment

11 Codes
11-7 Prowler
11-10 Take a report
11-24 Abandoned vehicle
11-25 Traffic hazard
11-26 Disabled vehicle
11-27 Driver's license check, Rush
11-28 Vehicle registration check, Rush
11-29 Clear, no warrants
11-30 Missing person
11-41 Ambulance
11-44 Fatality
11-45 Suicide
11-48 Transport
11-50 Field interrogation
11-51 Security check
11-79 Traffic Collision - ambulance responding
11-80 Traffic Collision - major injury
11-81 Traffic Collision - minor injury
11-82 Traffic Collision - non-injury
11-83 Traffic Collision - no details
11-84 Direct traffic
11-85 Tow truck
11-86 Special assignment
11-98 Meet with...
11-99 Officer needs help

Other Codes
Code 1 At your convenience
Code 2 No lights or siren
Code 3 Use lights and siren
Code 4 Situation under control, no back-up needed
Code 5 Stake-out
Code 6 Out on investigation
Code 7 Eat lunch or dinner
Code 9 Vehicle stop
Code 10 Arrest warrant
Code 11 Move central, only unit available
Code 20 Notify news media
Code 33 Restrict radio traffic until further notice
Code 40 Intoxicated subject
Code 60 Illegal parking
Code 70 Refuel vehicle
Code 80 Found property
Code 100 Bomb threat

Penal Code
148 Resisting arrest
148.3 False emergency report
187 Homicide
191.5 Gross vehicular manslaughter
192 Manslaughter
203 Mayhem
207 Kidnapping
211 Robbery
236 False Imprisonment
240 Assault
242 Battery
245 Assault with a deadly weapon
246 Shooting at inhabited dwelling
261 Rape
273.5 Spousal abuse
286 Sodomy
288 Lascivious acts with child under 14
314 Indecent exposure
374 Littering
415 Disturbing the peace or Fight
417 Brandishing a weapon
451 Arson
459 Burglary
470 Forgery
484 Theft by fraud
487 Grand theft
488 Petty theft
496 Receiving stolen property
537 Defrauding an innkeeper
594 Vandalism
602 Trespassing
647b Disorderly Conduct-Prostitution
647e -Loitering
647f -Drunk
647g -Prowling
647h -Peeping
653m Threatening phone calls
664 Attempt to commit crime
836 Arrest without warrant
12020 Possession of concealed weapon
12031 Carrying loaded firearm

Vehicle Code
2800.1 Attempting to evade peace officer
4000a Unregistered vehicle
10851 Vehicle theft
10852 Tampering with a vehicle
12500a Driving without license
14601a Driving with license suspended or revoked
20001 Hit and run-felony (injury or death)
20002 Hit and run-misdemeanor
22348a Speeding
22348b Driving >100 MPH
22349 Driving >65 MPH
22350 Speed unsafe for conditions
22651 Authority to impound vehicle
23103 Reckless driving
23109 Speed contest (exhibition of speed)
23110 Throwing objects at vehicle
23152a Driving under the influence of alcohol
40508a Failure to appear

Health and Safety Code
11350 Possession of controlled substance
11351 Possession of controlled substance for sale
11357 Possession of marijuana
11359 Possession of marijuana for sale
11550 Under the influence of controlled substance

Business and Professions Code
25662 Minor possessing alcohol

Welfare and Institutions Code
5150 Mentally disordered person

A Residence
ADW Assault with a Deadly Weapon
AKA Also Known As
ALS Advanced Life Support
B&P Business and Professions Code
BLS Basic Life Support
BO Bad Order (out of order)
BOL Be On the Lookout
BP Blood Pressure
CDL Commercial Driver's License
C Coffee
CJ County Jail
CLEMARS California Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System
CLETS California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
CP Command Post
CVC California Vehicle Code
DB Dead Body
DL Driver's License
DOA Dead On Arrival
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOB Date Of Birth
DOJ Department Of Justice
DR Daily Report number
EOC Emergency Operations Center
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETOH Alcohol
F Felony or Short for 647f PC (drunk)
FI Field Interrogation
FTA Failure To Appear
GOA Gone On Arrival
H&S Health and Safety Code
HazMat Hazardous Materials
HBD Has Been Drinking
HIF Handled In the Field
HT Handie-Talkie (hand-held radio)
IC Incident Command or Incident Commander
IV Intravenous
L Lunch
M Misdemeanor
NCIC National Crime Information Center
NOR No Report
OES Office of Emergency Services
OIC Officer In Charge
PC Penal Code or Probable Cause
PD Police Department
PERL Pupils Equal and Responsive to Light
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
R Residence
RD Reporting District
RO Registered Owner
RP Reporting Party or Responsible Person
RTF Report To Follow
S Station
SO Sheriff's Office
TA Traffic Accident
TC Traffic Collision
TKO To Keep Open
UTL Unable To Locate
VC Vehicle Code
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
W&I Welfare and Institutions Code
WC Watch Commander
X Female

Phonetic Alphabets
A Adam Alfa
B Boy Bravo
C Charles Charlie
D David Delta
E Edward Echo
F Frank Foxtrot
G George Golf
H Henry Hotel
I Ida India
J John Juliett
K King Kilo
L Lincoln Lima
M Mary Mike
N Nora November
O Ocean Oscar
P Paul Papa
Q Queen Quebec
R Robert Romeo
S Sam Sierra
T Tom Tango
U Union Uniform
V Victor Victor
W William Whiskey
X X-Ray X-Ray
Y Yellow Yankee
Z Zebra Zulu
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