Question About Importing Antenna Frequencies From RR

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Nov 7, 2012
Hello Everyone -

Question about importing antenna frequencies from RR. Hope I have the right forum location.

I have a radio shack pro-197. When I import frequencies using ARC500 software with RR, on the left side of the import screen you have to select a sight (control frequencies) . On the right side of the screen you can select what specific locations (police, fire, public works, etc.) that you want to listen to.

When selecting the control frequency sights on the left side, RR database shows frequencies in red (control frequncies) and blue (back-up frequencies). There is usually a lot of frequncies listed and only a few are red and/or blue.

Question: Should I import all the exhibited frequencies (even if they are not red or blue), or should I import only the frequncies that are red and blue? Am I overloading the scanner if I have too many sight frequencies identifed?

Another question: If I just picked the control frequencies from the left side, and nothing from the right-side (the specific sites like police / fire), will I hear all the traffic that is going through that antenna control frequency? I think I read Uniden scanners would do this but maybe not Radio shack scanners because they have trunking tables.

Hope my question makes sense. Thanks


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The -197 won't slow with a bag of objects loaded. If you are using the -197 in the home, I would select all the frequencies for only the sites near you.

Re "hearing all" traffic, I suggest you select the TGIDs you are interested in. You could use a "wildcard" TGID, but then you wouldn't be able to temporarily lockout (or stop on) a specific TG.

Why would you want to lockout or stop on on a TG? An example: at times the county highway department goes nonstop (think snow plowing), too much info for me. Otherwise, I like to about road construction projects involving closures and detours.

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