Question about RR/BCFY Complementary Premium membership

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Feb 8, 2012
Good morning RR and BCFY Admins,

Just curious...

Scenario Part A: Paid Subscription
With respect to one RR login/membership, the RR member can
  • purchase a single paid Premium RR subscription and do so again when it expires if desired, OR
  • purchase multiple paid Premium RR subscription at one time and enter the associated keys at one time. When this happens, the subscriptions "stack" sequentially, providing the member with continuous premium subscription for the combined length of the subscriptions.

    • If two 180-day memberships were purchased and the keys entered, it results in a 360-day continuous membership.
    • If two 360-day memberships were purchased and the keys entered, it results in a 720-day continuous membership.

Scenario Part B: Feed-Provider's Complementary Subscription
An RR member who has a current/active paid Premium RR membership, becomes a Feed Provider and is given the complementary Premium membership for being a Feed Provider.

Does the Prepaid Premium Membership continue to expire while the Feed-Provider's-Premium-Membership is active?

OR, does the Prepaid Premium Membership's expiring-process get paused while the feed is provided and resume later when the feed is discontinued/interrupted? If this is the case, how is the "pause" indicated in the RR membership status screen?

Thanks for your time and clarification,
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