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Question about the ST-2 AntennaMaster

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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Nov 19, 2008
Pimp County, Neveda
So I bought one of these antenna's today and just waiting for it to be delivered. I have heard a lot about these antenna's and you get a good bang for you buck and heard they have good performance.

I have a few questions.

1. I am probably going to put it in my attic because of HOA regulations maybe, but I just may put it up on my roof and hide it a little bit and hopefully they will never notice it. I don't even want to ask. I am from the school just do it. Is there much difference from either the attic or the outside?

2. What is the best cable's to buy with for just receiving on a scanner? No transmit.

3. I am either going to use 50ft or 100ft. Do I need a pre-amp for this?

I am just curious if a pre-amp is always a good idea when using outdoor antenna's.



Nov 30, 2012
Central Vermont
I have one of the ST-2's mounted outside, about 12' above my metal roof. I use the RG6 coax that came with it. Most places I've seen that antenna advertised has 50' of RG6 come with the antenna-included in the price.

I don't have a pre-amp hooked up to it, I didn't need one. This antenna picks up frequencies some 60-70 miles away and I'm in and around some mountains. It worked 10 fold over the stock antenna that came with my BCT15x scanner.

Now..... as far as sticking it outdoors in the hopes that no one see's it....I don't know if I would.
You do know how big it is, correct? 108" in length and at least 18" wide when it's fully expanded.

As far as the reinforcement rod goes that the above poster mentions, you might not want to fasten any rod from one end of the center element to the other due to a change in how they're made.
I still used a fiberglass rod similar to a bicycle flag pole to reinforce mine but had it terminated right at the center of the antenna-both ends has a fiberglass rod attached but they end where the center of the antenna is due to the fiberglass structure that is built into the antenna.

I will say that you CAN attach a rod from one end of the longest element to the other end, the whole 108", but the elements will bend a bit due to the fiberglass rod (or whatever rod you may use) will NOT bend where it passes by the center fiberglass part of that antenna. In essence, the elements will bend toward the fiberglass reinforcement rod.
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