Question about trunked (P25) systems

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May 19, 2006
Newport, PA
Let me preface this by saying that I recently (within the last month or so) purchased an first experience into digital trunked systems. I have been scanning analog conventional frequencies since I was like 10 or 11.

What is the main reason for slow scanning of a P25 system...the number of sites, the number of control channel frequencies or the number of talk groups programmed? I have a system programmed that has 10 sites and approximately 55-60 control channel frequencies.

I had this system programmed in my HP-1 as 2 for police and another for fire/EMS. The police favorites list had about 14 TGs and the fire/EMS favorite also had about 14 TGs. It was taking quite a while for the HP-1 to scan through that system and I found that I was missing calls on my other favorite lists (even though it did not stop on any transmissions on the P25 system).

So, I created 3 favorites lists...1 only for the PD, fire and EMS dispatch TGs plus the coroner, another for the local PD TGs and another for the fire ops TGs. Most of the time, I would only be monitoring the dispatch favorites list, which only has like 8 TGs and the speed does seem better.

My question is this. Where does the delay the number of sites, the number of control channel frequencies or just the number of TGs programmed in a given favorite. Also, if it lies in the number of sites/control channel I shooting myself in the foot by creating more than one favorites list that will have to scan through the sites/control channels?
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