BCD996XT: Question for someone to answer


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Mar 24, 2009
I have a question for someone or others to chime in. I live in Northampton County and In Palmer Township. I was wondering if somebody and others could tell me if u put ur radio on scan on the low bands or VHF bands and u can hear any active from other things like police, fire or ems from other states minus like the state of NJ or PA. But I mean like New York or something like that. Unless u have a county in NJ or PA that is on a low band or VHF not trunking. So if you have any frequencies can u share them with me. I know that a lot of this stuff happens at night when most depts from other states turn up the power to broadcast.

Thanks to everybody that helps
Mar 19, 2003
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JimBob, a couple of answers:

1. Agencies don't increase their transmit power at night; hearing departments from a longer distance than usual has more to do with propagation.
2. Most stock scanner antennas are nearly deaf on low-band, unless the signal is close or powerful.
3. What you're going to hear on your scanner has far more to do with the antenna than the radio itself. An external antenna will work much better than the stock or indoor antenna, and the higher the antenna is installed, the more signals you'll receive from a greater distance.