Question on PRO-106 "Lockout" on a P25 system

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Aug 25, 2007
Fairfax, VA
A question on how the "lockout" function works on a P25 system using a PRO-106, as compared to a Smartzone system.

I've entered into the radio's memory several talkgroups on a Motorola Smartzone system (Fairfax County Virginia public safety) after they appeared on a wildcard memory assignment, just so I could lock them out. While in an active scan of this system, activity on these locked-out talkgroups remains locked out when the wildcard memory assignment is encountered. I know that just parking on the wildcard memory assignment will cause any and all received talkgroups to be heard, but the scan function pays attention to locked-out memories when it scans to a wildcard memory.

But the P25 system that I've just added isn't acting the same way. It's a P25 system that the same county has been configuring, and memorized-just-so-they-can-be-locked-out talkgroups STILL are appearing on the wildcard memory assignment when it's scanned.

This is the first P25 system that I've there something that I've done wrong? A setting I've missed?

Many thanks in advance!
Not open for further replies.