Question on PSR310

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Feb 21, 2009
New Britain, CT
Hi all, fairly new to posting here. I have been scanning for years but have always had the easier to use basic Uniden and Radio Shack models. I am looking at a new scanner to replace my PRO-90 which is finally on it's way out. At my part time job we have the PSR300 which I volunteered to program for them and it was not easy at all.

I was wondering if the PSR310 is any easier. I also was wondering if u can scan a trunked system and listen to conventional channels at the same time as u can with the PSR300. I live in CT and was thinking about the digital scanners but the only dept I'd want to listen to on that digital trunk is CT State Police and I understand that whole system is a nightmare to try to program and monitor.

Also after playing with and using the GRE scanner, I think they receive far better signal than the PRO or Uniden models. I live in a crappy area for reception and my wife is totally against an outside antenna.

Any intel or help is appreciated....thanks guys!
Not open for further replies.