TRX-1: Question regarding "Library Import" of System/talkgroups

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Apr 24, 2014
Long Island, NY
Yesterday I lost a bunch of stuff in my programming, thankfully being an IT guy, I back up everything very often so I just restored to my last back up a few hours earlier. But the reason I lost a bunch of programming has me a bit baffled, which isn't hard of course.

So, what I lost was all my system data for my local county, Suffolk Cnty, NY. While programming, I suddenly noticed all my talkgroups were gone, where they normally are. What I was doing was playing with importing freq's from the Library. So what I "THINK" happened which is where I need help, is when I tried to import more talkgroups from the same system (Suffolk Cnty Mot type II), it removed or overwrote all previous talkgroups from that system.

Is that possible and how it works? So in other words, if you import talkgroups or sites from the library for a system that you have already imported, does EZScan replace all objects from that system with what you are now importing? That is certainly what seems happened to me... but it could have been something else cause I was doing a bunch of stuff. For example maybe I hit Delete instead of Remove from scanlist....

PS- I'm not referring to updating the alpha tags for previously imported items which it asks you after the import... I mean the actual freq and talkgroup.
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