Question regarding Site frequencies in ARMER

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Sep 29, 2008
Anoka Co, MN
I have a RS Pro-106 scanner, and use ARC-500 software with a cable to download frequencies from the Radio Reference site into my scanner.
My intentions are to be able to monitor the ARMER system, as I travel throughout the state.
I have already selected and imported all site frequencies, and all talkgroups from the RR website for the ARMER system, and have been monitoring local talkgroups for a while now.
My question / confusion is this:
When I open the ARC-500 software, and look at the trunk system frequencies for ARMER, it only shows 32 frequencies. There are a LOT more site freq's that were imported to the scanner.
Is this a limitation of the software, or the scanner?
Do I have to manually change these 32 freqs when I travel to include the freq's for different parts of the state?
I currently have changed them to include a primary and alternate freq for my local area.
All the talkgroups for the entire ARMER do show up in the ARC-500 software.
Any insight / help in understanding the trunk system site frequencies would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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