Questions About Springfield Mass


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Apr 19, 2005
1. Can anyone confirm the input to the FD repeater on 154.40 R ? The Radio Reference Data Base (R.R.D.B.) shows 158.895 as the input. But that might be a typo. Maybe the actual input is 158.985. The FCC ULS shows 158.895 as licensed to Holyoke.

2. Do Springfield detectives really use 460.1625 R ? FCC ULS does not show that freq licensed in Springfield.

3. FCC ULS shows 158.775 used for arson and fire alarm crew. Is that correct? Anyone have a DPL or PL or NAC?

4. Is 453.875 R used by school security or city facility management? The Control Point is listed as 223 Allen St for that channel per the FCC ULS. Google Street View shows a sign at 223 Allen St for "SPS IT Dept" and "Facility Management". I am guessing that "SPS" is 'Springfield Public Schools'.