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Quick Questions PRO-83

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Feb 15, 2006
I have a PRO-83 I wanted to program it using the Freeware Load83. Looks like it is easy enough to operate. When I was going through the directions to see how it works, I notices it said that you can put in a description of the Frequency. Now my questions is will that description show up on the scanner?...Because I'll tell you I love that little Scanner but I hate the fact that if you do not know the channels you are not sure who is transmitting.

Example of Frequency File for Load83.

Channel Frequency Flags Description
1 151.000 DNLP Comments about frequency usage.
2 162.550 L Common Weather frequency.
200 146.940 Common Skywarn frequency.

Search Banks
S5 144.000 147.995 Amateur 2 Meter Band
Now would "Common Weather frequency." show up on the scanner? Because if that is the case I will be one happy camper. But I have a feeling it is not going to work out like that.

Also do you have to erase the scanner before programming it or will Load83 simply overwrite it?

Please inform.

Thanks fellas,


Apr 11, 2005
Cayce, SC
the description is for your own information on your pc, like w5jss said, it will not transfer to your scanner, only the freq will...


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Dec 19, 2002
Findlay Ohio
ct240guy said:
I hate the fact that if you do not know the channels you are not sure who is transmitting.
Like others said the PRO-83 will not do the tags but if it did and you put in who the freq belonged to then you WOULD know who is transmitting because the radio would tell you ;) That is why everyone likes alfa tags.
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