Quik-Call II tones for Red Deer County, Lacombe County and Stettler County

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Jun 24, 2013
More tones for TwoToneDetect. Might as well post everything. Note: these came from off-air decoding. Nothing came from any employment-related access.

Lacombe County (Monitor 418.750 MHz, PL 162.2 to hear all departments, county-wide. Otherwise, each station has a VHF repeater, hot-linked via UHF)

Lacombe City Fire
169.800 MHz 151.4
A: 584.8 (151)
B: 617.4 (152)

Alix Fire
169.485 MHz 151.4
A: 410.8 (114)
B: 539.0 (119)

Clive Fire
170.925 MHz 151.4
A: 688.3 (154)
B: 855.5 (158)

Bentley Fire (area also serviced by Gilby Repeater: 169.125 MHz 151.4)
169.29 MHz 151.4
A: 389.0 (113)
B: 483.5 (117)

Eckville Fire
169.785 MHz 151.4 (area also serviced by Gilby Repeater: 169.125 MHz 151.4)
A: 669.9 (123)
B: 928.1 (129)

Blackfalds Fire (standalone department, not included on UHF backbone)
154.025 114.8
A: 349.0 (111)
B: 389.0 (113)

Sylvan Lake Fire (standalone department, not included on UHF backbone)
155.385 MHz 146.2
A: 368.5 (112)
B: 389.0 (113)


Red Deer County

Red Deer County Fire
149.59 MHz 77.0
A: 368.5 (112)
B: 389.0 (113)

Note: The following four stations are in the far southern part of Red Deer County. Each station is on-demand linked to RD 911 via DTMF, on the 454.0375 (123.0 tone) backbone. You can monitor the backbone for the pages, too. The backbone covers the entire county. Very strong.

Elnora Fire
155.94 MHz
No QCII. Live air paging, following 1 kHz beep tones

Delburne Fire
156.18 MHz
Longtone: 1034.7 (131)

Spruce View Fire
155.01 MHz
A: 688.3 (154)
B: 288.5 (138)

Bowden Fire
151.76 MHz (Narrowband)
A: 879.0 (128)
B: 928.1 (129)


Stettler County is also dispatched by RD 911, via UHF link to their VHF repeater. Monitor the following link frequency:

Stetter Fire
460.900 114.8
A: 524.6
B: 496.8

I don't have Stettler's VHF frequency/tone. If someone knows/can confirm it, that would be great. The UHF link suffices for now.

Note: Red Deer County Fire and Sylvan Lake Fire use the same pair of tones, on separate RF frequencies. If you're feeding a scanning receiver into TwoToneDetect, you're going to have to settle with a dual label of "Red Deer Co. FD/Sylvan Lake FD" in TTD, unless you dedicate a receiver/audio channel (stereo) to one of the departments. It's too bad certain mouth breathers at a certain radio shop re-used the same tones for two neighboring departments.

There are other halls within Stetter County. I don't have their tones (yet). But listen to the 460.900 link for the dispatches. Stetter County doesn't get many calls compared to Red Deer and Lacombe counties.
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