R-75 repair in New England area

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Apr 13, 2010
Enfield, CT
Hello folks:

I have an R-75 that has been used very little, but has an illness that needs some attention and I don't know where to turn. Maybe some members (in the New England region) can give me some hints.

The unit will not power up and wiggling the power connector on the back will no longer solve the problem. I took the covers off and did an internal inspection and what I found is the culprit is where the power connection plugs into the receiver. It is loose and I believe that some re-soldering of that connector is needed. If I was younger and had better vision and the ability to handle a soldering iron without shaking like a new groom, I would give it a try. The unit is way past the warranty period, so voiding that isn't an issue, and I'm thinking an experienced techie could do the job properly without too much effort.

If any members here could offer some helpful advice or may know someone that could tackle this job in the local area, I would appreciate the info.

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