R-S bnc-right angle-solderless

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May 29, 2011
York county Me.
Hi all. I just got a solderless R/A bnc connector from the SHACK. I thought it was a stubby antenna til today when I had to get a replacement bnc for the truck. The salesman didn't have the solder on type. So he shows me this peice of plastic attatched to the male bnc. I got it home, and it is easy and a great bnc. The best part is-- inside that peice of plastic is a -clip- to hold coax in place, snug!!. The inside wire is screwed to the back of the bnc. Positive connection, snug coax, and even angled.. It's way better than their last solderless bnc--the 1 that has the set screw that gouges the coax..$5.99, is better than than having a tech do it. So, just wanted to say--good new connector. For coax not much thicker than the RG-58/U.. No way for thick stuff like LMR 400
Solderless Right-Angle Male BNC Plug : BNC Plugs | RadioShack.com
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