R St Helena 2009 QSLs

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From Robert Kipp via Rich D'Angelo on the NASWA list;
ST HELENA ISLAND Please note that there will be a delay in sending the RSD 2009 QSL cards from St. Helena, due to:
(a) the ship RMS St. Helena being in dry-dock for repairs for six weeks in March and April
(b) the fact that the package containing the QSL cards can not reach Cape Town in time
(c) Gary Walters and his family going on a well-deserved and much needed holiday to Cape Town during May and June and part of July.

The St. Helena government is attempting to organize a special voyage of a different cago vessel from the UK to St. Helena. If successful, the ship is expected to sail from the UK in the later part of June and to arrive St. Helena in early July. It is expected that the QSL cards will be on board.

On 25 January, Gary Walters wrote that RSH had received abouat 300 reception reports and that they expected to receive about 400 reports in total -- about the same as in 2009 for RSD 2008. As in 2009, the largest number of reports came from SWLs in Japan. Radio St. Helena will , most likely, not be able to post the RSD 2009 QSL cards to DXers until late July or early August.
Those of you that were at the Winterfest this year and saw the R St Helena presentation have a pretty good idea of how isolated those folks really are. That short boat trip from the ship to the landing on the island is NOT for the faint of heart!

73 Mike
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