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Jun 10, 2011
Does anyone have any info on the frequencies used at the short tracks in New Hampshire? I don't see anything in the database and searching the FCC turned up nothing.

I've been at Hudson and Lee this year and found what might be a couple, but haven't heard enough to confirm. I'd be interested in any of the short tracks really (Lee, Hudson, Star, Monadnock, etc). Loudon and New England Dragway seem to be pretty well documented, which makes sense being larger operations.

So far I've heard at Hudson: 451.6375/103.5 sounded like track operations and 451.925/D047. 451.925 was the race director for the Granite State Pro Stocks, so that may travel track to track.

And at Lee I heard 451.125/D125 that sounded like track operations. There was another frequency that had what sounded like concessions on it that I missed.

Anyone have more insight/input?


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Jul 16, 2006
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Hi there:
Any time I can't locate a licensee in the FCC database, I visit www.antennasearch.com and plug in the site address. I didn't check every site you asked about but found, for example Star Speedway I came up with a license for simplex-only operations which looks like it may be speedway related, WQVM543. Site #11 indicates 464.2875 as a possibility. If the other sites don't yield any results, perhaps check Common and Itinerant Business Frequencies or use your scanner's close call feature if it has one.

Best luck signal hunting!

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Dec 23, 2002
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This seems to be a never-ending process. Just when someone might have it, they don't. Often the folks that know the frequencies are sworn to some weird secrecy and there's often sharing (or not) going on between tacks.

I think Speedway Safety uses their VHF frequencies if they're not handed radios by whatever track. Those frequencies are...
155.2650 / 136.5
154.5400 / 136.5

Some tracks use MURS, Itinerants, or whatever came in the radios. I had a partial list I wrote down and will be scouring my office for it this week. Seems I never put it on Drive.

John M