Radio changes for FleetNet

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Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
With conditions being excellent to receive towers that are far enough away from me working well last night, I parked my HomePatrol and 436 on the Woodstock and Simcoe to record the MOH and OPP. I've been tagging RIDS now for 10 years on various scanners old and new and I'm noticing a great deal more radio changes.

For instance, I recorded the above towers last night for the P25 FleetNet separate from the London and Hamilton CACC's as I have separated them into favourites.

For P25, I tagged 4 new RIDS I can place as new and 12 changes, i.e. I had Radio 8483 as Oxford 6 Sierra but last night that radio was in a Middlesex car. I'd expect to have radios taken out of older and put into new one,s but the ratio for either my errors and or changes are more frequent now.

Same thing with the MOH. I'm seeing radios that for instance were in Oxford EMS units now in Middlesex units.

I'm familiar enough from experience and from friends that there are and/or have been various companies in the GTHA/Niagara Peninsula who are permitted to change radios in and out of older units and put in new ones, but I'm wondering if anyone knows which companies do this and are there any other people here who tag RIDS to my extent?
Not open for further replies.