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Radio Frequencies in Mexico

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Nov 9, 2001
I have posted the specific question to the Mexico Radio Frequencies forum. I'm posting here also to gain a wider audience.

For a project I am working on I need to find out what radio frrequencies are in use in Mexico. Frequency information for two-way radio users in Mexico does not appear to be available on Radio Reference. Does anyone have any information or sources to find out what frequencies are being used in Mexico, especially in those areas that border the United States? Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you


Jul 22, 2006
do you think the U.N. Technology office may have those radio frequencies updated in their system since they have personnel everywhere?


Jun 14, 2006
Hermosillo, Sonora, México
Well, I have a document published in the website of the Mexican Radio Amateurs Federation, the document is supposedly from 1999. I have tried to contact them for join, and never received a response by the way. I have been trying to get something better, but haven't had the time. Document is here: http://www.fmre.org.mx/res11ene99.zip

Oh, and is in Spanish. But start at page 9 and there's all the interesting stuff, above page 9 regulations and stuff.

Ok, we are really similar to the USA. Difference is that I don't know of anyone who uses APCO 25, analog trunking is used, and VHF for public safety. Some places, use Analog Trunking but with some kind of encryption.

Higher rank police use that system that is similar to GSM around the frequencies 325 Mhz, is some technology from Europe.

Military Air, they normally use the Upper side band of civil air, Military Air UHF isn't very used here. Not really sure about the other Military UHF frequencies. I can't scan this range.

About cell phones, we use GSM 1900, PCS 1900 a bit, too. They are adding Edge too.

Business, exacly the same like USA.

Okay that's what I know, hope the document helps you, if you have trouble with something in the Spanish, ask me.

Edit: Seriously, I feel the need for start documenting all this stuff, if someone could help me. It would be great.
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