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Radio Repair Techs in RI?

Jun 19, 2003
I have a few Radios and Scanners which I'd like to have recapped and Tuned. Since I spend most of my weekends up in South Kingston/Narri RI by way of I-95 via New London. I thought I'd ask if any of the local RR members could offer me some recommendation on local Radio repair / EE Bench Tech. The work I require isn't all that complicated. Replace capacitors and tune the radios. I have the schematics and test points for most of them. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. 73-Technyc


Premium Subscriber
Feb 25, 2006
We use CyberComm (Warwick RI) for my departments radio needs and Ive spent a good amount of time with the guys. They are always willing to help out. Give a call or even stop in. The main guy is a ham operator.