Radio RXing Cupboard - February 2017

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Jul 2, 2012
For the past few years my radio scanning has been limited to handheld / portable operation, this has been very enjoyable and getting out and about scanning and searching the bands has always been something I have enjoyed.

In late 2016 I set myself up a desk with a netbook and a couple of scanners (VKPC7PB: Radio Scanning Desk - December 2016) this worked well but I found that I was not using it as much as I hoped. I needed to reduce the space I was using and as I have a small child I wanted to keep everything locked away and safe from little fingers. I also have a new scanner (pro 2021) which I wanted to make space for, this belonged to my uncle who passed away many years ago and which I have recently been given. As my focus is now on searching the bands and logging / confirming active frequencies I decided to have a more enclosed system so that I can leave it running 24/7 without it taking up too much space.
This setup meets all my needs:
- Allow me to run a netbook 24/7 for logging purposes.
- Have my Pro 2021 usable for night time listening, this has around 90 frequencies programmed in for when I just want to scan the bands.
- Keep my portable kits in one spot and ready to go.
- Give myself some storage space.

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