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Radio Scanner Event Logger Version 2

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Feb 24, 2001
Radio Scanner Event Logger Version 2 (RSELV2)
By Paul Blundell VK7FPGB (paulgblundell@yahoo.com.au) - 7/03/2008
About Radio Scanner Event Logger Version 2 (RSELV2)
The original idea for this program was taken from the clalerlog.bas program and changed to suit my need of logging radio scanner related information from a number of different brands and models of radios.
The original version of this program was called JAFL (Just A Frequency Logger) but I have now changed it to RSELV2 to better reflect what it does as it does not just log frequencies but any type of radio scanner related information.
RSELV2 has been written in Just Basic V1.01 using the least amount of lines of code possible to keep it both as simple and easy to fix / add features / debug and to also make it as quick to use as I could.
RSELV2 stores all the entered text in a JAF file in the same folder as where the program is ran from, please keep this in mind if you need to re-install the program.
The only file level access the program has to the computer is via this JAF file.
All the code in this program has been checked and rechecked and from all the testing myself and others have done using it across many different Operating Systems it is not known to cause any problems or contain any viruses / ad ware / spy ware but as I can’t test it on every possible system setup “YOU USE THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK”
If you do find any issues or problems with it then please contact me at the email address at the top of this file and I will try to help you to get it working if I can.
If RSELV2 does close because of an error it will create a file called error.log in the RSELV2 folder, when reporting any bugs or issues please include this file.
Please contact me by email if you have any ideas or extra features you would like to see added or changed.
Version History
1.0 – 20/11/2007:
First version had limited support for events past 1000 and was slow.
1.1 – 09/12/2007:
Updated version with support for more events. Search speed was still a bit slow.
1.2– 16/01/2008:
Updated version and tested to support over 16000 events.
1.3 – 17/01/2008:
Version with added fault / error logging and automatic data file back up via the support menu.
1.4 – 22/01/2008:
Version which added features of being able to search by event date and also event text.

1.5 – 23/01/2008:
Version with a fix for the bug where JAFL was not saving the frequency of the events when they were logged.

1.6 – 12/02/2008:
Version with some more clean up of the code, this version now requires that you email me to get a registration file before you can use the program.

2.0 – 7/3/2008: Renamed to Radio Scanner Event Logger Version 2 (RSELV2)
Current version with some more cleaning up of the code mainly in the search area of the code and I have also cleaned up the menu options.
I have also removed the need to get a licence key from me to use it but have the code in place still if I wish to add this feature back in the future.
This version also includes an option to back up the data file as an extra safety measure.

Ideas for future version:
As suggested by users 

Check out my website to download this: www.geocities.com/paulgblundell
Please note that my website has a 4MB per hour limit, if you try to download it and can’t try again later please.
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