Radio Scanner Go Case MK8

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Jul 2, 2012
Over the years, while involved in the radio scanning / amateur radio / ultralight DXing hobbies, I have used a number of different bags and cases for carrying my radios and associated bits and pieces. Some of these bags and cases have worked very well, others have not for various reasons. Last year I purchased and set up a hard scanner case, based on a make up case, while this worked well

I have again returned to my love of portable operation, this has meant finding a suitable carry case or bag for my radios to undertaken these activities in parks and other locations plus also carrying them with me in my day to day life. I have found recently that I have come across some interesting monitoring situations but have not had my scanners with me, mostly due to my previous scanner carry case not being easy to carry. I have really had to make an effort to carry it with me and don't as much as I would like. Based on this I have made carrying my radio monitoring go-kit a priority. I am now undertaking more monitoring mobile while out and about.

Based on my experience in the past, I ruled out a hard (Pelican style) carry case, these are harder to carry, expensive and scream "expensive stuff inside" which I want to avoid. I was sorting out my shed earlier this week when I found this case, I can't even recall where I got it from. It appeared to be a good size for my Uniden UBC126AT. The main advantage of this case against the ones I have used in the past is that I can keep all my bits and pieces together and easy to access.

I have now spent some time setting it up. I added a couple of pieces of wood to help device the sections and after trying a few ways to pack my gear I have settled on this setup. I can fit:
Uniden UBC126AT
3 x Aerials (with room for more as I get them)
Ear Phones
Spare Batteries
AC Charger
USB Cable
12DC Car Charger
Note Pad and Pens
User Manual

It meets my needs, keeps all my gear together, protects it, does not look expensive and it easy to carry by itself or thrown in to my back pack.

Photos: Launceston Analytical Radio Scanning: Radio Scanner Go Case MK8
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