Radio Shack Battery Life

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Feb 20, 2006
How long is the average battery life for a Radio Shack handheld?
I've got a set of rechargeable batteries for my Pro-95 and they seem to go for hours.
Also wondering how good batteries last on the Pro-96. Thanks.


Jul 15, 2004
All depends on....

It depends on the Battery type, brand and your average use of the unit itself
Do yourself a favor and buy NI MH
and the AC adapter from c. Shack and of course an external charger....

I did And I have SOO much money...
I have a Pro 97 and a BCD 396T from Uniden
ANd I use NI MH's in both,,,
Forgive me for sounding like tree hugger buuut,
think about the Enviroment:lol:

Oh! andit depend on what you are monitoring as well
ya nknow how busy/active they are trunking, or conventional etc
With the Pro 97 If you are monitoring a Conventional Channel theeen
it goes into battery save mode..
So does tha BCD396T
Hope this helps,


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Nov 21, 2002
Redwood Coast, N Calif
I know I'll get laughed right out of RR for saying this, but for about a year I've been using the Ray-O-Vac "I-C3" (In-Cell Charge Control) 2000 mAh 15-minute rechargeable NiMH batteries, and get a good 8-12 hours out of my Pro-96 and Pro-92, and 6-8 hours from my Pro-83.

To get the 15-minute recharge you have to use both the I-C3 batteries AND the I-C3 charger together. Any other combination and it's the usual 12-16 hour recharging time.

I was real nervous about even trying the things, especially when I saw how warm the batteries get when charging... heat is the enemy of batteries. But a year later all 12 batteries are still taking and holding their charges as effectively as when they were new. The chargers have a built in fan (a tad noisy) which I guess helps a little to keep the batteries cooler. And the charger can be plugged into AC or a car's DC with a standard DC-DC adapter.

After success with the first batteries I then tried the similar Radio Shack versions - and and they work just as well. Interchangeable really, as I've slowly mingled the batteries with no ill effects.

I know some folks have reported problems with these, but my experience has been entirely satisfactory. 15 minutes for a full charge is almost as good as tossing in a set of single-use alkalines, and way cheaper in the long run.
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