Radio Shack Pro 528

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Jul 22, 2002
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This belongs in the RS forum - however, stay very far away from Scancrap if you can. In this case, you can. Get ARC433 from BuTel (Scanner Master sells it, I believe). Since you are already a premium subscriber, you can connect to the database and pull data into the editor - something SCL cannot do (directly, anyway - there is a procedure you can use if you have Excel, but it's sloppy)

However if memory serves, there's a statewide Colorado system that's all digital - the 528 won't receive it. You will need a digital trunktracker for that. In the RS world there's only 2 - the Pro-96 handheld or the 2096 base/mobile. Both have extensive coverage in our wiki if you're interested. If there's any 700 Mhz trunking involved - check the database - then you need to go to an Uniden or the GRE digitals (PSR-500 or 600). The PRO-96 or 2096 won't trunk on 700.

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