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Radio Shack Pro-97

Mar 12, 2019
I was wondering if a pro-97 would still work for scanning Tulsa Police department? I know this is an analog scanner and notice it's says some are digital but most scanners recognize these systems and was wondering what it means on here about that too? Any Help would be greatly appreciated!


Premium Subscriber
Dec 8, 2005
Dupage County, Illinois
It looks like you willl need a digital scanner. If looking for something new check out the SDS100 as it looks like almost everything is digital. You can use the pro 97 for great stuff like rail roads, air, mil air, any analog government frequencies and what ever else is analog around you(do some searches and find out!). But the pro97 will not follow a digital trunked system unfortunately. I recommend the SDS100 over the 200 as the 200 still seems to be working out some bugs which you can read about on the forums. But the 100 has come along nicely and works very well these days.
Also if strapped for cash I would then suggest something like the 996p2 and 325p2 both of which are great scanners. They may not be as good as the 100 or 200 on simulcast sites but not much is right now LOL.

Hope this helps,