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Radio Shack TRC-232 (21-1672)

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Oct 5, 2013
Prattsville NY
I have two Radio Shack TRC-232, 5 watt, 40 channel, Walkie Talkies that I would like to sell. I believe these were “top of the line” radios when they were offered by Radio Shack back in the 90’s. Some of the features are as follows:

• Auto-scan searches out active channels
• Dual watch allows you to monitor a channel for activity while listening to another
• Hi/lo power switch
• Built-in speaker and mike
• Illuminated LCD channel display
• Up/down channel selector
• Keyboard lock prevents you from accidentally changing channels
• Ceramic filter
• Squelch control
• Flexible antenna with BNC connector
• Automatic noise limiter
• External antenna and charger jacks
• Low-battery indicator
• RF input power: Hi 5 watts Lo 2.5 watts
• RF output power: Hi 4 watts Lo 1 Watt
• Mike jack
• Includes UL listed 12VDC car cord
• Also operates on 6 alkaline (not included) or 9 nickel cadmium (included) rechargeable “AA” batteries

The nine nickel cadmium rechargeable “AA” batteries included have not been tested and I can’t seem to find the charger which I purchased separately. Charger is NOT included. I will include the charger if I come across it before I ship. I believe the chargers are still available at Radio Shack. I placed alkaline batteries (not included) in the unit and tested it with my other TRC-232 and it appeared to work fine. I must have used these a bit judging by the wear marks and scratches (nothing excessive) on the units.

Before I put them on eBay, I thought I would offer them on here. Google “Radio Shack TRC-232” to see what they are and some pics. I have them all packed away in their original boxes and don’t want to unpack them if I don’t have to. They are both complete units with direction books. $25 each + shipping. I may be able to get more for them on eBay, but I would rather offer them here first.
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