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Aug 14, 2005
Topeka, KS
What a great site / resource...!!

Thanks for the pointer to the Radio Shack Catalogs. I know I am among thousands of people who looked forward to the yearly release of the NEW Shack Catalog. It was always great to thumb through the pages, looking for the new items...or...trying to find just that exact gadget that would make my project the BEST...!!

It has not been that long ago...15 years maybe?....since the RS philosophy was that EVERY store stocked EVERY item that was in the catalog... just ain't what it used to be!!!

I understand that The Shack would not be able to stay in business in today's electronic world. We no longer have the needs for component parts, breadboard circuits, a wide range of radios even...(there is a touch of irony here that RADIO Shack...stocks very few RADIOS now!)...and all of the other 'experimenter' type of goods. Still....when I walk into the store...and see all the Cell Phones, GPS, etc...and then back in the corner....a single drawer unit that contains most of the stock of 'goodies' takes me back to a very different time...'s wonderful to have this site with copies of so many of the old catalogs. I have kept some of them from the last few years they were published, mainly to use to check the value of scanners, etc. A note of appreciation to whoever did the work to put this together....and...I hope they find the missing issues.

Note to: All RR members.....LOOK AROUND...!!!
Not open for further replies.