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Radioddity GM-30 - which channel list (DB) is the accurate one -- radio vs. app versions?


May 7, 2023
Here is something I came across recently when it comes to the Radioddity GM-30 radio and the dedicated PC radio programming app (v. 2.06) -- see screenshot below for the App's about info...


I've noticed that the default channel lists (database) between the radio (reset to default) and the one included in the app differ when it comes to the extra entries starting after the 31st row -- mainly the repeater (transmission) frequencies.

And since the repeater frequencies are not editable neither on the radio nor the app, I wanted to get confirmation (from GMRS gurus) which of the two is the accurate one?

Here is the default list from the APP:


And here is the default list from the radio (when you do a reset on it):


As you can see some rows on the repeater columns (i.e. TX...) differ between the two lists:

For example, see rows: 31, 32, 33, 35, 36, and etc.

At the same time, here is a comparison between the General Settings between the APP and the Radio: (I don't know if it makes a grand difference between the settings, but I might as well get a 2nd opinion -- just to be sure) -- especially these settings: Time Out and the Repeat Tails settings...



It seems to me, that I have no way to tell which firmware version has been installed on the radio. I just purchased it brand new from amazon a few days ago.

I've read the radio's firmware and app's updates change logs (well, what they provide inside a txt file when you download them, and so far the notes for the last radio's firmware and app update state the following....)

Radioddity_GM-30_Firmware 20210615

Firmware 20210615
1. Fix the bug that the power output is set to LOW by default.


Radioddity GM-30 Firmware 20210403 & Software V2.06 Update

Software V2.06:
1. MSG editing available.
2. 1-7 & 15-30 channels high-low power level switching available
3. Newly add 31-54 channels as the repeater DIY area:
Users can use any one of the 8 GMRS repeater frequencies through the software to use. (For example, set 31CH, 32CH, 33CH for the same repeater RX: 463.550 & TX: +5MHz, while you can set the different CTCSS/DCS to them)

Firmware 20210403:
1. Fix bug of 141.3/146.2/250.3 tones.
2. New button function: press "*" to switch high-low power level.
3. New reset default: Add 31-54CH as the new repeater frequency. (Frequency can only be edited through the software)


Radioddity GM-30 Firmware & Software V1.5 Update
1. Front-panel wide/narrow band programmable (except for channels 8-14).
2. More stable performace.

On my radio, I am not sure if I have the following problem or not:

Firmware 20210615
1. Fix the bug that the power output is set to LOW by default.

If anyone can tell me what to look for, that would be great.

As for the app, well, I am using the most current version, so I guess I am good there...

FYI: I haven't tried to install the last firmware made available for the radio, since I don't want to run into the same issue that another end-user experienced (at another website) where he accidentally downgraded to an older firmware on his radio -- since like I said before, there is no visual representation on the radio's menu for the firmware version. And I am thinking that they (the manufacturer) would be selling (providing) a radio with the most current firmware already installed -- just like Uniden does for their scanners and etc. -- Especially since that last firmware update was made available since 2021 and we are now in 2023.

Let me know? (thanks in advance).


Aug 18, 2021
I've noticed the same thing, and in particular the mismatch between the RX and TX frequencies for the repeater channels. Despite what is shows in the CPS, the radio shows the correct offsets even after writing the mismatched data to the radio.

I'd simply consider it a bug in the CPS spreadsheet display. Software is clearly not a strong point in most CPS software

Hopefully it will one day be supported by CHIRP…