named by MD Fusion Center

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Mar 4, 2005
Pittsford, NY
Title: Maryland Fusion Center Criminal Use of Police Scanner Apps and

January 5, 2012

The article:

During several recent contacts with criminal gang members, an identified Maryland law enforcement agency has heard their radio transmissions broadcast over a suspect’s smartphone. In one incident, officers pursuing a suspect on foot overheard the suspect listening to the pursuing officers’ radio transmission over a smartphone.

The radio broadcasts of the agency’s primary secure law enforcement channel had an approximate delay of three seconds on the suspect’s smartphone. Further investigation revealed that the general public, as well as criminal gang members and associates, are utilizing the website - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference to listen to law enforcement secure channels streaming via the Internet. Registration and access to the site is free, with advanced features available to premium subscribers.

A customer is able to search radio frequencies throughout the country by state, metro area, city and/or zip code. The website advertises a search for trunked frequencies as well. The frequencies are obtained over the Internet and any cell phone that has web access can listen in.

[Poster comment] This information, and the entire text of the bulletin can be found on site: Public Intelligence
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