Radioshack 12-519, possible to get parts?

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Jan 22, 2012
Hello, I just joined the site and thought maybe I could find some help here. I am at wits end at tying to convince radioshack employees that they have a parts system.

Trying to make a long story short, I bought a radioshack 12-519 WX radio a while ago from a discount store for $35 shipped!(sells at radioshack for 79.99) It was a open box item but was like new and worked great. It was a rockin' radio and I absolutely loved it. By far the best weather radio that I owned so far.

One bad day, I knocked it and it fell on the floor. Weather bands were totally dead, AM/FM still worked. Tried the discount store that I bought it from, they had none left. Taking it apart, I found a board labled"WX module" with a part number on it. I had a strong hunch that something in that board was screwed from the drop.

I ended up finding another 12-519 on ebay for real cheap(like $15). Seller claimed it was broken and for parts only. Perfect. I stole the "WX module" out of it and my original radio now works perfect again.

After poking around in that ebay 12-519, I discovered the whole problem with it was the power jack in the back was broken off the PCB board. A jumper wire later and that one was working too-aside from the fact no WX bands because I used the board from my original dropped one.

So, if I had a new "WX module", I would have two working 12-519s. I remembered radioshack used to sell parts for a lot of their products, so after some searching, I desided to try my local store for parts. That did not go well at all. The person working there has no clue what I am talking about.

I kept trying to explain to him that radioshack has a RSU parts system and I should be buy a replacement board for the 12-519 weather radio. He told me to just buy a new one at 79.99. I said no thanks.

So here is the deal, does anybody here work at radioshack and know how to access the RSU parts system and find what I am looking for? Here is what exactly is what is on the board its self:

12-519 WR module
P/N 201281100B REV: H
AUG 17, 2009

If anybody has any ideas or knows anybody who can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.
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